when I was a little girl, I wanted to become a fashion designer.

I’d spend hours drawing wedding dresses, homeless shelters (I also very much wanted to open a homeless shelter!) and whatever ridiculous outfits my adolescent imagination could come up with.

when I came to know Christ, I felt immense guilt (which I later realized doesn’t come from God anyway) about my chosen career path. I’d filled out applications to get into art school, but suddenly making pretty dresses didn’t seem so important, once held up to the mirror of eternal salvation.

I struggled with what career path to choose for a long time after that. I struggled with acknowledging both the creative and scientific side of me; the dreamer, the optimist, the Believer — and the shrewd, curious, Devil’s advocate (pardon the expression). When I was 25 I finally decided to give in and settled on psychology as a profession.

but that doesn’t mean I give up on utilizing the talents God gave me for writing, design, art, fashion, and just in general awesomeness.

over the years I’ve made many forays into creative endeavours; some mildly successful, some successful only to me. one such adventure is a modest fashion blog I started called modmodest.

I had big dreams and a long-term plan to eventually launch modmodest as a full-fledged boutique brand with original designs and a curated collection of modest clothing from designers all over the world, plus fashion articles, interviews with designers and so much more.

that still may happen, but for now, modmodest is a very neglected blog, and a very active Facebook page on which I share some of my favorite modest outfits and boutiques.

the Facebook page is very lonely nowadays, as I suppose most of the fashion content has fallen to Instagram… (I refuse to maintain another account. I’m already pulling my hair managing personal and professional accounts. I can’t. send help.) but I do post outfits on modmodest‘s Facebook page several times a week. if you’re into modest fashion, come give us a ‘like’. (https://www.facebook.com/modmodestco)

but back to the main purpose of this post, the actual blog for modmodest which contains a few articles I wrote regarding modesty and modest fashion.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever begin writing there again, but I do think the blog shows a bit of my content writing skills, especially within the fashion and beauty space. keep in mind, though, this *was* several years ago. like fashion, I’ve evolved since then.

at some point, I will begin reposting the articles here, but in the meantime, you can read ’till your heart’s content over at http://modmodest.jimdo.com/

hopefully someday very soon, modmodest will no longer be one foot in the project graveyard. but today, she’s strugglin’ ya’ll.

psssssst. if you enjoy modest fashion and would like to contribute content to modmodest in the form of articles, #OOTD, reviews, (or whatever else you can dream up), please reach out to me! I’d love to connect.

P.S.: lemme just tell ya, transferring over ten years’ worth of writing from the north, south, east, and western corners of the internet and compiling it all in one place is a headache and a half. 0/10 do not recommend!