I’ve been working with Beaming since March of this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. I get to write about autism (something dear to me because my son is autistic), and I get to help other autism families in the process. We’re adding valuable resources to the internet and creating comprehensive guides to help autism families navigate tough stuff.

Below you’ll find all the articles I’ve written for Beaming to date. I’ve contributed to others by providing feedback, but these are just the ones I wrote. Our team is very collaborative, so know that my words have gotten plenty of help from experts and the Beaming team!

How to help your autistic child sleep better

Best autism-friendly vacation destinations

The ultimate travel guide for autism families

A parent’s guide to a sensory-friendly haircut

Best summer camps in San Diego

Best summer camps in San Francisco

Questions to ask before starting ABA therapy (an article I wrote the draft for, but was then co-written by others on the team).

…and more to come!

Pssst. I’ve also done design work for Beaming. Check out their socials and the visuals in the articles I’ve contributed to.