After 6+ months of homelessness, 12 states, over 100 cities, and countless charming townships, villages, unincorporated communities, etc., we still haven’t found a home. It seems like rejection after rejection. So I decided to stop searching.

Instead, I’m asking the right community to come find *us*. See my personals ad below.😂

We’re cool-ish people who want to be part of a real community.

We like to leave places better than we found them, shop local when possible, and we’re full of ideas on how to make places better. We’re all neurodivergent, creative, lovers of art, history, music, and nature (well, me, the dogs, and the baby love nature — not so much grandma).

Do you want us? Would you like for us to call your town or city “home”?

Give me a holler. We can set up a first date or go for coffee idk. 😉

*Forgot to add: must love dogs, 4-season communities preferred!